Pretty, Dainty Necklaces

23 Nov

I don’t really have an everyday necklace, but I have my eye on a few from Etsy. These ones from locallibrary are adorable. I have some other necklaces from Etsy bookmarked, but hers are by far my favourites.

This one is $36 USD + $3.75 shipping.

image from locallibrary

I also love this necklace from the same seller. $34 USD + $3.75 shipping.

image from locallibrary

I can’t decide which of the two I prefer – I think maybe the second, but if I could get the first necklace in wood (with the darker chain) I think that would win out.

And just for fun, here are some necklaces I’ve already bought from Etsy that I love. This one is from bbel. The concept of a fox stole as a necklace is so cute and quirky.

image from bbel

I wore this necklace from Precious Meshes for my wedding.

image from Precious Meshes

I get heaps of compliments on this necklace from ejanine.

image from eninaj

I think I’d also like something bright and chunky for a splash of colour when I’m wearing black and white. Maybe early next year if the AUD goes over parity again I might buy something to celebrate. =)

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