Installing the Hangboard

17 Nov

James has been meaning to get a hangboard for ages, but it wasn’t until I was able to do pull-ups (3! From a dead hang! Each time!) that the idea started appealing to me as well. So last week I was like “you know what? Let’s get a hangboard!” so we went to Bogong and picked one up.

Then James called his dad and set up a time for him to come around and help with the installation, since it was going to be complicated, what with the lack of sturdy walls in the apartment. It also required a trip to Bunnings to pick up the necessary equipment – lots of bolts to attach the hangboard to the wooden board and the wooden board to the wall, and to hold everything in place.

The before shot. The only hint of things to come is the footstool lurking in the doorway. It was used to take measurements and look for studs.

James and Andrew on the balcony, about to drill holes into the wood.

Here they are attaching the wooden board to the wall. There was some complicated reason why they didn’t attach the hangboard to the wood first, but I can’t remember what it was.

Nearing the end, attaching some brackets to the wall to hold everything in place.

James doing a pull-up on the wussy holds that I use.

We can never sell this place now. There are far too many holes in the walls.

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    […] stole a milk crate from mum and dad to put upstairs so I can use the hangboard that Andrew and James installed. Hopefully I will use it more now, since previously I needed James to lift me up. The milk crate […]

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