Just purchased from Etsy …

14 Nov

I bought some craft supplies from Etsy in preparation for the gift giving season. I’m going to try and wrap my presents attractively this year, so I got:

Alphabet stamps from kawaiithings.

A lot of the Korean sellers have the same stock, so it’s a matter of hunting around to find who has the lowest combined item and shipping prices. There were slightly cheaper stamp sets, but this is the style that I liked the best, and kawaiithings had the cheapest price ($20.90 USD + $5 shipping).

image from kawaiithings

I’m going to use the stamps on my other Etsy purchase, which was Manila gift tags from Wistful Supplies.

image from Wistful Supplies

Once again there were lots of sellers with the same stock, and Wistful Supplies had the cheapest overall price ($8 USD for 100 + $6.50 shipping). I thought I could also use these tags to label my baked goods. When I made the chocolate, caramel and peanut slice to share at BJJ I had to rush around to find a label and eventually settled for using the back of an envelope.

I can start with just stamping letters on the tags, and maybe I’ll get fancier later. We’ll see!

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