Savor soaps

2 Nov

My current bathtime obsession is soaps from Etsy seller, Savor. The scents are so vivid, unlike other soaps I’ve tried, which smell like soap with a little bit of fragrance. The ones I’ve tried so far:

Courtesan – lightly floral
Creme Brulee – smells like it sounds. Very creamy and delicate
Japanese Mango
– smells like wasabi and mango, which sounds weird, but really works
Matcha – green bubble tea!
Pear – just like an overripe pear.

This is Savor’s photo of the pear soap – even the picture looks juicy.


image from Savor


I just made a purchase of some body mists, and bought Japanese Mango and Pear again because they were so utterly delicious. Shipping for 5 sample fragrances was a very reasonable $1. =) The other 3 scents I got were Filthy Cute (white peach, red raspberry with lily and magnolia), Fresh Fig and Almond, and Ginger Crumb Cake (warm and spicy ginger paired with crumbly, buttery crumb cake batter). Yum!

The seller is very professional and quick to reply to convos, which is always a plus. And the soaps aren’t drying, last for ages, and smell delicious. I am seriously swooning at the memory of the pear soap – so luscious, the smell of pears and honey combining with the shower steam to create this incredible pear fog that envelops the bathroom.

I have high hopes for the body mists and will update again when they arrive. =)

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