Peshtamals from Turkey

1 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I was inspired by the high Australian dollar and bought some peshtamals from Turkey. Peshtamals are traditional Turkish towels used in Turkish baths. They are lighter than regular towels, but just as absorbent and dry much faster. They’re so thin that James mistook them for tea towels when they were in their folded state.

I bought them from BeautyAndSpa since they were having an opening sale ($19 USD instead of the usual $23), which made their towels slightly cheaper than the rest of the peshtamal sellers on Etsy.

They were also the only sellers who had lime green, which is one of my favourite colours.

I liked some of the other colours too, like striped blue, grey, and a lovely vivid coral. James opted for the much manlier olive green.

When my package arrived today, the seller had also included a tiny soap (packaged with a bay leaf?) and a Turkish bead that you use to ward off the evil eye. The soap smells medicinal and the little pamphlet that came with it says it’s very moisturizing.

The peshtamals need to be washed in 30C water before use. Then they will be our new beach towels, and there will be far less bulk in the beach bag.


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