Two months of James!

31 Oct

So Friday was James’ last day of work! He’s starting his new job in January and taking a couple of months off before he starts. He’s been working hard and hasn’t had a holiday for almost 2 years, so he’s looking forward to relaxing. He pretty much carried a low level cold all through the Winter months, and my theory is that he wasn’t getting enough sleep so his body wasn’t fighting it off properly.

He’s started working off his accumulated sleep debt by having afternoon naps in addition to his regular sleep. Last night I came home from BJJ to find James sprawled in bed, with Mouse using his butt as a pillow. I don’t have a photo of that, but I do have a random photo of Mouse.

James and Mouse are napping together right now, though I can hear James rustling around so he’ll probably get up soon. And then it’s time for burgers! My burgers patties are fatty mince with salt and pepper on each side, then topped with some grated cheddar after grilling – so simple, but so deliciously beefy. I bought sourdough rolls last time we had burgers, but I think they were a bit too fancy, and this time I’ve gone for softer wholegrain buns.

The cats seem so sad whenever we use the barbecue – they stand at the screen door and peer out wistfully.

It’s still raining, which isn’t great for barbecuing, but now I’ve worked myself into a burger frenzy and won’t be satisfied by leftover claypot rice from last night.

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