20 Oct

I’m sitting here at my computer feeling quite sorry for myself. My upper back was feeling a bit sore after Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training on the weekend, but Saturday classes are more intense than normal – our warm-up was 120 burpees, crunches and push-ups (toes, not knees). So yeah, hard class. I was feeling tired-but-good, and still managed to go to the gym on Sunday and do BJJ training on Monday, but on Monday night I arched my back in my sleep and twang!

So instead of training on Tuesday morning like I’d planned, I headed to the physio where I was told that the joints between my ribs and spine had locked up. He worked the area a bit and I’ve been popping ibuprofen and applying heat packs as necessary. Fortunately this morning I woke up feeling a bit better, and I have another physio session on Thursday, after which I should be close to 100%.

I can’t train for most of this week (or do any heavy housework – I tried to open a pickle jar yesterday and owowowow!) so I’ve mainly been reading and browsing the net. This has given me ample opportunity to trawl online for stuff that I want to buy.

Kitchenaid apple green Artisan mixer: $632 + $11 shipping. I’ve also wanted one of these for awhile, but I’ve never found it particularly difficult to mix by hand or use the electric beater. Plus there is the lack of benchspace in my kitchen. But recently I’ve been coming across a lot of recipes where the Kitchenaid would come in quite handy. So maybe. One day. In the future. We’ll see.

image from Google image search, I can't remember which website - everyone was using this pic!

Herman Miller Aeron chair: $1300. I spend so much time at my computer that I should probably invest in an ergonomic chair. This one has actually been on the list for awhile, but it keeps getting superseded by fun stuff like cameras and barbecues.

image from Herman Miller

Bourke Street Bakery cookbook: $34. I promised James I wouldn’t order this until I’d tried a couple of the Bourke Street Bakery recipes that are floating around online. I’m going to go with the pork and fennel sausage rolls and also the raspberry chocolate muffins.

Momofuku cookbook: $30. Once again, I’m going to give some recipes a test run before purchasing. I’ve had the ginger scallion noodles recipe bookmarked for months. Cat made me the crack pie recipe (is that in the cookbook?) which was delicious, but I’ve seen the recipe and I know how much butter and sugar went into it!

Ilemi leather clutch purse: $450USD + $25USD shipping (from memory) I love the sumptuous, butter-soft bags from Etsy seller Ilemi but this is in the “after the mortgage is paid off” pile.

image from Ilemi

I also want to try balcony gardening again. I have some herbs and vegetables growing from seed (hopefully! At the moment it’s all still dirt), but I read online that unless you want the seed-growing experience, it’s much better to buy seedlings. I have some parsley, mint, chives, rosemary and strawberries that survived my benign neglect over winter, and maybe I’ll hit Bunnings at some point. I also need a new watering can because my old plastic one got weak from the sun, and then its watering bit (spout?) got smashed by hail. I’ve decided the next watering can will be sturdy and made of metal.


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