Ice skating memory

18 Oct

About 10 years ago, I went with James and a bunch of our friends to an ice skating rink. And partway through they had this game where everyone skated around until the music stopped and you picked a corner. There was a cone in the middle and one person from each corner had to slide a hockey puck across the ice, and the corner that was the furthest away got eliminated. Then everyone skated around until the music stopped again. It was pretty cut-throat – there was a kid whose puck turned onto its side and did a u-turn, and one girl yelled out “you suck!!”

But anyway, I told James we had to pick separate corners so we had the best chance of winning, but I shouldn’t have because he stayed almost to the end and my corner got knocked out in the first round! James stayed until the sudden death round where the corner with the closest puck wins – so three corners instead of one are eliminated. And he was the one throwing! So I went and got all of our friends and he threw it just as we came to watch. The puck rolled onto its side (like it did for the little kid) but it was even WORSE than the kid’s throw! It rolled PAST the cone and kept rolling, and rolling, and rolling … until it hit the opposite side of the rink! And not all of our friends had seen the throw so they were saying “I can’t see it! Where’s the puck?” And those of us who HAD seen it were going “ummm, it’s over there”. And they were like “where?”. And we had to point out the tiny black thing that was on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE RINK!

James was so cute though, because he was so embarrassed. But he did better than any of us, despite his lack of puck-sliding ability, because he found some kids who were really good at throwing the puck and basically kept going to the same corners that they did.

I have a very crafty husband. =)


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