Mediterranean Wholesalers

16 Oct

Mediterranean Wholesalers
482 Sydney Rd, Brunswick


Well it only took 4 years of living in North Melbourne before I thought to make the trek to Mediterranean Wholesalers in Brunswick. I’ve been hearing great things about it, but it wasn’t until I started making pizza again that I thought to check it out.

I dragged James there at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. Really it was for the best, because traffic was good (as good as Sydney road can be) and we had our pick of parking spots opposite the store. Plus we had a busy shopping day planned (more on that in a future post). When we left an hour later it was pretty busy so I still think it was a good call on my part.

Some things I’d intended to buy, like mozzarella, olive oil and tinned tomatoes – though maybe not 2 slabs. I started to buy a modest 4 tins, but noticed that everyone else was buying slabs so succumbed to peer pressure. There was a lot of impulse buying too; I’d never seen quince jam before, so that went in the trolley. And I also bought balsamic vinegar because the bottle was just so pretty. Look at it! It’s shaped like a heart!

I also got 5kg of 00 flour for $9.75, which was kind of an impulse purchase, but can be used for pizza. I think Coles and Woolworths have 1kg for around $3, so I felt like quite the savvy shopper. Of course then I got home and read some pizza websites that were all like “you don’t really need 00 flour, all purpose flour is fine, and the taste is indistinguishable”. Well crap. But now that I’ve bought it I’m going to use 00 and force myself to taste the difference.

Afnaan, the lovely lady who does my eyebrows, recommended the ciabatta bread there, so I picked some up for lunch. Delicious! Definitely worth it as a cheat meal, and in the future maybe I can jog the 10km there and back to negate the calories. Right?

I didn’t do a price comparison, but it seemed that the cheese and deli meat was around half the price of the Vic Market. I bought cheap parmesan reggiano and some pancetta to make carbonara with (I was hopeful of finding guancale, but alas).

Given how much was in the trolley I was expecting to pay $300 or so, but it was only $170.07 which is insanely reasonable. Mediterranean Wholesalers is definitely getting added to my shopping rotation.



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