Sriracha quesadilla

15 Oct

I found this recipe on a budget eating blog and it’s become my staple lunch for when I want something fast, hot and tasty. Sometimes I toy with the idea of making it a bit healthier by adding vegetables, but it’s so good as-is that I don’t have the heart. Maybe in the future I’ll just have one quesadilla with a side salad or something. At any rate I’ve got making this down to a fine art – while I heat the frying pan I crack the eggs into a bowl (actually a teacup) and then I load up the tortilla as the eggs are frying.

Ingredients (makes 1, though I normally eat 2)

  • Tortilla – I use the Safeway homebrand ones
  • Egg
  • Chilli garlic sauce
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Baby spinach leaves


  1. Crack egg into a small bowl.
  2. Heat small frying pan on low. In the meantime spread sirachia on one half of the tortilla. Grate a thin layer of cheddar cheese over the sauce.
  3. Fry the egg until it’s done how you like. Place egg on top of the cheese to melt it. Grab a handful of baby spinach leaves and spread on top of the egg. Fold tortilla in half and put it back in the frying pan over medium heat. Fry about 30 seconds on each side.

Oh, and I usually use the tortilla frying time to empty the dishwasher. Because I’m efficient like that.

Very rough nutritional guide
2 quesadillas: 730 calories, 56% fat, 20% protein, 24% carbs

2 Responses to “Sriracha quesadilla”

  1. seguementation October 16, 2010 at 12:01 am #

    Sí, me gustaría que para el almuerzo de hoy, por favor. Gracias señorita.


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