This is where I do my grocery shopping

14 Oct

I pretty much live across the road, so every Tuesday and Friday I meet up with my shopping buddy Ormi. He is very tall and distinctive-looking, so all the stall holders recognise us, and think we’re married, apparently.  There’s an Asian guy that I buy cherry tomatoes from, and he always congratulates me on having found such a tall man. And on his part, Ormi gets told that I am “such a beautiful lady, always smiling!”

This is where we buy our chicken.

It’s not just chicken – sometimes they have cool stuff like camel steak and kangaroo tails. I’m a bit random with what I buy, but Ormi gets the same thing every time. Now he can just order “the usual” and the chicken lady gets him 4 chicken breasts. He was a little embarrassed the first time that happened, but now I’m pretty sure he likes it.

This is my favourite deli, The Epicurean. I love their eggplant dip (they used to have a trout dip which was even better, but apparently it wasn’t very popular, so they stopped selling it). A lot of the deli stores have the same flavours, but the one time I cheated on The Epicurean and bought from one of the places that advertised 3 dips for $10, the taste was noticeably diluted, and even James asked me if I’d bought it somewhere different. Lesson learned.

They also have really great sliced meat. Back when I ate bread (wow, that looks even more tragic on the screen than it sounded in my head) I used to buy porchetta and hot casalingo here.

The bulk of my shopping is done in the fruit and vegetables section. Hopefully my upcoming balcony garden will reduce my reliance on herbs from the market. Except coriander. Why won’t that bastard grow for me?? This stall used to be owned by Barb and her husband, but I think they sold it to buy into a pyramid scheme.

I’ve been going to the market for years, so all the stall holders thought I was a weirdo for taking photos today. But I wanted to celebrate my fancy new camera and my shiny new blog, so I figured I should get used to busting out the camera tourist-style.


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